Parental Involvement

Fred Booth Parental Specialist 
E.S. Garcia
 Parent Center
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Frequently Asked Questions
1.     Parents have never registered for family access.
a.      Parents will need to provide the campus with a valid email address. The PEIMS Clerk will then add the email to the family member, and send them a welcome email to Family Access.
2.     How can we remind all parents of their username and password that have registered?
a.      The PEIMS Clerk can run a utility to resend all guardians within a campus an email to remind them of their username. If parents do not have an email address on file, then a PEIMS clerk will need to add one to the family member, then manually send the initial welcome link.
3.     They have registered but have forgotten their username or password.
a.      Parents will need to go to District Website > Student Skyward > Click on Forgot Username & Password, and enter their email address they have on file. They will get an email with their Username and a link to reset their password. (This link ONLY works for parents, not for us or students)
4.     Parents want to bring back their student from another District/School, but have been here before. How do they Register?
a.      The parent if they had an email address on file, will need to follow steps to recover username and password. Next, parent must call the campus so the PEIMS Clerk can activate the student. The parent will now be able to log in an see the returning student registration form. “New Student Enrollment” will not work because we already have the student demographics on file.
b.     If parent does not have email address on file, the parent must provide the campus PEIMS Clerk with a valid email address. The PEIMS Clerk will then send the parent an initial family access email. The PEIMS Clerk will then activate the student for the 2020-2021 school year, and the parent will now be able to see the returning student registration.