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Fred Booth Elementary School

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705 Zaragosa, San Benito, TX 78586 Phone: (956) 361-6860 Fax: (956) 361-6868

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Educational Murals:
Murals are most commonly found on the outer walls of buildings and often serve the purpose of depicting a community's people and their culture. Many community leaders and business owners have begun to use the indoor walls and hallways of these buildings to express the history of the building, or to represent the communities in which they are located. Educational Murals in public schools have proven to benefit the student population in more than one way. Not only are murals used to educate students in the areas of mathematics, reading, language, science and history, they also serve to develop pride and build bonding within the school. 
At Fred Booth Elementary students are surrounded by beautiful and engaging murals. Students question aspects of these murals to gain knowledge and teachers use them to teach lessons. Students have expressed a sense of pride and bonding with the school community. Ultimately, our school educational murals have become most beneficial for our students.