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Student of the month

Student of the month


Mrs. Cuellar: Andres Obregon is my student of the month.  He is one of the most enthusiastic students I have ever seen. He is articulate, bright, and humorous and loves being in school.  He has a vivid imagination and loves to discuss and share his adventures in class.  He is indeed a joy because one of his favorite things is a bear hug!!!!  I can see him going places in the future!

Mrs. Guajardo: Vanessa Cuevas is a respectful, kind and caring student. She is always focused on her work and follows classroom rules. She is a great role model for her class!


Mrs. Gomez: Katelynne Garcia is our student for the 5th six wks. Recognition. She is one the students that has made the most academic progress in our class. She is a very nice and respectful child. We are very happy to have her in our class.

Mrs. Ramirez: Alexa Vargas is a very attentive and hardworking student. She is a good citizen and is willing to help with any classroom project. Her favorite subject is Reading.

Alexa enjoys watching T.V. and playing outside. She likes to eat pizza and ice cream. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher.

Mrs. Anzaldua: Itzel Guevara is a great student who takes pride in her work and demonstrates initiative to excel in school. She loves to create amazing drawings and she is a great role model.


Mr. Bolado: Paula Alvarez is the student of the month. Paula is fair, honest, kind, and neat. She is very helpful with her peers when they need help. Paula wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up.

Mrs. Portillo: Xandra Galvan is a great student who takes pride in all her work. She is always quiet and attentive in class. She is very respectful and sets a good example for good behavior. It is a pleasure to have her in class.

Mrs. Cruz: Mathew Conde is a bright and respectful student.   He is very dedicated and always trying his best in school. Mathew enjoys playing his Xbox and eating at Peter Piper Pizza. When he grows up, he wants to be a dentist.

Mrs. Sanchez: Carlos Salazar is our 5th Six Weeks Student of the Month. He is an energetic young man who loves learning. Carlos enjoys reading and math. In his free time, Carlos likes to play video games


Mrs. Vallejo: Joselin Martinez is the Student of the Month for April for Mrs. Vallejo’s 2nd grade class. She was a non-English speaking bilingual student who is now reading English fluently. She is a master speller, who is constantly a finalist in our classroom spelling games. Her effort in everything she does is admirable. She always tries her best to understand and complete the task at hand. She is an exemplary student!

Mr. Pardo: Jozlin Torres is Mr. Pardo’s student of the month. She demonstrates leadership in the classroom by helping others and keeping and positive outlook in school. Her hobbies include bike riding. Her inspiration is Mr. Pardo

Mrs. Rodriguez: Izek Garza is a very smart and outgoing child. He is very interested in learning and always does his best in class. Izek loves reading and enjoys taking AR tests. Izek is very competitive and loves challenges. Izek enjoys working with his classmates and participating in class. Izek is a great student.

Mrs. Corbeil: The student of the month in Ms. Corbeil’s class is Eliana Reyna. Eliana has a twin brother here at Fred Booth Elementary. Eliana is a great student, hard worker and is very helpful in class.   She enjoys taking Taekwondo classes afterschool.


Mrs. Scott: Jonathan Robledo is a third grade student at Fred Booth Elementary. He is a well mannered, caring big brother to his younger sister. His favorite subject is Science. Jonathon likes reading and playing soccer.

Mrs. Rosales: Clarissa Rodriguez is a third grader in Mrs. Rosales’ class that enjoys math. She enjoys helping others and always strives to do her best. Her favorite subject is math. She wants to be a hair stylist when she grows up.

Mrs. Flores: Miracle Pena is student of the month. Miracle has made great progress this year. She is a student who does not allow anything to stop her from learning.  She is friendly, courteous and always tries her best.


Mr. Hurtado: Yoana Morales is an A-B Honor Roll student. She is very Smart, has good behavior, is very friendly, and loves to dance. Her favorite subject is reading
and her favorite books are Goose Bumps.

Mrs. Vela: Joseph Castillo is my student of the month. He is a great student academically. His favorite color is red and he enjoys playing video games. In his future he plans to study law and become a lawyer.

Mrs. Duarte: Sonny Cruz is an excellent student who works hard and take pride in all his work. He gets along with all his peers and follows directions. He aspires to someday become a famous movie actor.

Ms. Silva: Jaziah Gonzales is a hard worker. He enjoys drawing and solving math problems. Always ready for a new challenge!


Mrs. Hernandez: Enrique Hernandez is a 5th grader in Mrs. B. Hernandez’s home room class. On the weekends, Enrique spends time fishing with his parents and sisters. Enrique works hard in class to maintain good grades. Enrique has made great progress in reading this year. During his free time Enrique plays video games, reads books, and helps his parents at home. Enrique is excited about going to middle school next year.

Mrs. Diaz: Abigail Naranjo is a 5th grader in Ms. Diaz’s home room class. Abigail has two older sisters who also came to Fred Booth when they were younger. Abigail loves spending time with her family at her favorite restaurant, Dirty Al’s. Her favorite color is a sea blue. She was previously involved with the Fred Booth drumline, choir, and guitar during the first semester. In the second semester, Abigail became more focused on her classes so that she would be ready for her STAAR tests. She works hard to maintain her A and B average in class. During her free time Abigail likes to watch Netflix and eat popcorn. She also enjoys reading the Dork Diaries books. She is happy about starting middle school n

Mrs. Arcaute: Anisah Quiroz is a 5th grader in Ms. Arcaute’s home room class. Anisah’s family supports and encourages her to do her best in school. Anisah works hard in all her classes and loves math the best.   Anisah spends time dancing during her free time.   Anisah is not currently involved in any extra-curricular activities but hopes to join some next year in middle school.