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Student of the month

Working hard inspires others.

Student of the Month


Mrs. Cuellar: I have selected Julio Robledo as student of the month.   He has come a long way this year! He continues to show good manners and has been an inspiration to others. He is transitioning to the English language very well and works very hard!

Mrs. Guajardo: Sophia Huerta shows great leadership skills. She is always ready to learn and give a helping hand to fellow classmates. She is a respectful student with a kind heart.


Mrs. Gomez: Arlette Moreno is the student for the fourth six weeks. She made a great improvement on her academics. She is focusing on her studies. She is very nice and helpful.

Mrs. Ramirez: Michael Cardona is a very attentive and hardworking student. Michael has a positive attitude toward school and learning. He is very eager to learn. Michael enjoys playing video games and watching T.V. He likes to eat macaroni and his favorite subject is Reading.   When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer.

Mrs. Anzaldua: Irene Cantu is an enthusiastic student who is always ready to learn. She likes to participate during class discussions and loves to help others.  She is a great role mode.


Mr. Bolado: Jayden Rosado is my student of the month. Jayden wants to work in YouTube when he grows up. On his spare time, Jayden likes to watch YouTube, play x-box 360, and PS4. He sets a good example for his peers in the classroom.

Mrs. Portillo: Ramon Zapata Moreno is an outstanding student who takes pride in all his work. He is always quiet and attentive in class. He is very respectful and sets a good example for great behavior. It is a pleasure to have him in class! (First Grade)

Mrs. Cruz: Ricardo Saldivar is an excellent student, always smiling and happy to be in school. His favorite subject is science because he likes learning about plants. Ricardo enjoys time in centers and spending time with his friends. When he grows up, he wants to be a soldier.

Mrs. Sanchez: Aylin Guajardo is a bright, dedicated student. She is eager to lend a helping hand to all. She loves to read and spend time with her family.


Mrs. Vallejo: Juany Rodriguez has shown exceptional behavior and effort this month. She enjoys Math and Reading. Juany is also a very helpful student. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to fellow classmates. Because of this, Juany has been chosen as Student of the Month!

Mr. Pardo: Emilio Salazar is our student of the month. He demonstrates goodwill to other students by helping them in their academics. He also has an A average and loves pets

Mrs. Rodriguez: Obed Reyes is a very kind and respectful student. He is very interested I learning and always does his best in class. Obed loves reading and enjoys helping his classmates. Obed is a bit shy at times, but he enjoys working with his classmates and participating in class. Obed has many great qualities, but the main ones are that he is a very caring and respectful student. Great student!

Mrs. Corbeil: Zenlam Guevarra


Mrs. Scott: Jose Martinez is a third grade student at Fred Booth Elementary. He is very bright and enthusiastic. He is well mannered, curious and dedicated to learning. Jose enjoys reading and playing with Pokémon Cards. He generally looks forward to hanging out with friends and family.

Mrs. Rosales: Luis Enriquez is a third grader in Mrs. Rosales’ class that enjoys studying his multiplication facts. He enjoys helping others and always strives to do his best. His favorite subject is math. He wants to be a firefighter when she grows up because he wants to rescue people who are in danger.

Mrs. Flores: Celes Alvarado is a student that always tries her best in all subject area and is there to help and encourage others to do well.


Mr. Hurtado: Erich Quezada

Mrs. Vela: Melanie Ayala is the student of the month; she enjoys going to the island and swimming. Her favorite color is green and her favorite movie is the titanic. She always enjoys reading the Dork Diaries. She is a very pleasant student to be around and has an outstanding personality.

Mrs. Duarte: Sophia Hernandez is a very dedicated student who takes pride in all of her work. She is a very respectful student, and gets along with everyone. Sophia is always trying to excel in everything she does.

Ms. Silva: Luis Cisneros is very passionate about math. He enjoys writing comic stories, and is very goal oriented. Always ready to lend a helping hand.


Mrs. Hernandez: Aaliyah Munoz is a fifth grade student in Mrs. B. Hernandez’s homeroom class. Aaliyah is an only child who loves spending time with her mom. Aaliyah works hard in school to maintain her grades. During her free time Aaliyah likes reading books and playing with her dog. She loves to spend time with her friends at lunch, since they are not in the same homeroom. Aaliyah’s favorite class in school is reading. Aaliyah is also active in the fine arts program at school. She attends guitar classes with Ms. Montez on Tuesday after school. Aaliyah would like to be a doctor in the future.

Mrs. Diaz: Victoria Chavez is a fifth grade student in Ms. R. Diaz’s homeroom. Tori is the middle child in her family. She has a younger brother and an older sister. Tori likes to play sports and run around outside during her free time at home. She has played softball in the past and is looking forward to starting track. Tori works hard to get good grades in school. She is on the A and B honor roll. Tori also participates in several school related activities such as: choir, drumline, guitar, and chess. Tori would like to be a doctor in the future.

Mrs. Arcaute: Mikaela Almendarez is a fifth grade student in Ms. Arcaute’s homeroom. Mikaela spends time reading books and going out with her family. Mikaela has three sisters, and she is the youngest in the family. She is 11 years old and her birthday is in September. She likes to sing and enjoys playing outside with her dog and her sisters. She works hard in school and maintains good grades. Mikaela’s favorite class in school is science. Mikaela wants to continue learning and plans to attend college after high school.