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Students of the Month

Great job!


Genesis Alcantara is a lovely child! She is very polite and works very diligently on her assignments!  She is never a concern whether it be academics or behavior.  She had a serious accident earlier in year at her home w head injuries and insisted her sister bring her homework to do while she was recovering at home.  An excellent student Genesis is indeed. (Mrs. Cuellar)

Millie Portillo shows great citizenship skills! Always a great role model for her fellow peers. With her ambition to achieve excellence Millie has made great progress throughout the school year. (Mrs. Guajardo)


Andrea Garza is an excellent student, she has perfect attendance and she has never been late to school. She is always focused on her work. We are very happy to have Andrea in our class. (Mrs. Gomez)

Kamryn Mireles is a very attentive and hardworking student. She has a positive attitude toward school and learning. Kamryn enjoys playing at the park with her family. She likes to eat pizza and her favorite subject is Math. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor. (Mrs. Ramirez)

David Serrata is a joyful student! He likes to participate in class discussion and is always willing to give a helping hand. He plays in the football league Packers. (Mrs. Anzaldua)


Ciria Moreno is the student of the month. Ciria likes to rest at home when she has a chance. She likes watching episodes of SpongeBob Square pants. Ciria is very respectful and has very good manners. (Mr. Bolado)

Kevin Mata is a great student with perfect attendance. He is always quiet and attentive in class. He is very respectful and sets a good example of great behavior. It is a pleasure to have him in class! (Mrs. Portillo)

Emmanuel Reyna is a great student and a respectful friend. He loves his time in school, especially when it involves science activities.   He enjoys perfect attendance. Emmanuel wants to become a basketball player. (Mrs. Cruz)

Troy Vasquez is the Student of the Month. He is a bright young man who excels in class. Troy enjoys helping others. In his free time, he enjoys video games. (Mrs. Sanchez)


Lauren Vega is Student of the Month in Mrs. Vallejo’s Second Grade Class. She has shown to be an excellent example of what a good student should be. Lauren is always eager and ready to learn. Her favorite subject is reading, but also enjoys mathand language. She also demonstrates excellent leadership in trying to get fellow classmates to perform at classroom expectations. (Mrs. Vallejo)

Emarie Rivera is Mr. Pardo’s student of the month. Show depnstrates leadership in the classroom by helping others and keeping and positive outlook in school. Her hobbies include bike riding. Her inspiration is Mr. Pardo. (Mr. Pardo)

Mario Mata is a very kind and respectful student. He is very interested in learning and always does his best in class. Mario loves reading and enjoys taking AR tests. Mario is a bit shy at times, but he enjoys working with his classmates and participating in class. Mario has many great qualities, but the main ones are that he is a very caring and respectful student. Great student! (Mrs. Rodriguez)

Ruben Lopez is a second grade student in Ms. Corbeil’s class. Ruben has great leadership skills and is very responsible. He likes to play his X-box at home and his favorite food is pizza. (Mrs. Corbeil)


Juan Miranda is a third grade student at Fred Booth Elementary who enjoys reading, playing chess and being involved in robotics. He is smart, kind, and a great example to his two younger brothers. (Mrs. Scott)

Giselle Mireles is a third grader in Mrs. Rosales’ class that enjoys reading books. She enjoys helping others and always strives to do her best. Her favorite subject is math. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. (Mrs. Rosales)

Malcolm Rocha is student of the Month in Mrs. Flores’ Third Grade Class.  Malcolm is a hard worker. a team player and a great leader. (Mrs. Flores)


Felix De La Rosa was born in Harlingen, TX. He is 10 yrs. Old and has 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. His favorite teacher is Mr. Hurtado and his favorite subject is Math. Felix’s favorite book is Goosebumps and his favorite music is Mexican music. (Mr. Hurtado)

Destiny Corona Perez, enjoys drawing and coloring. Pink is her favorite color.
Her favorite movie is Strawberry Shortcake. She is also very dedicated with her class work and is a great role model. (Mrs. Vela)

Alyna Torres is a very sweet girl. She always take pride in her work, and loves to learn new things. She is organized, responsible, and dedicated. (Mrs. Duarte)

Haley Rodriguez is very dedicated and hard working student. She always strives to do her best! Always ready to lend a helping hand. (Ms. Silva)


Erica Quezada is a fifth grade student in Mrs. B. Hernandez’s homeroom. She is the daughter of Jesus and Diana Quezada. She is ten years old and has seven siblings, five brothers and two sisters. Erica works hard in class to get good grades and she has made the honor roll every six weeks. She loves being with her many friends. Erica is actively involved in choir, drum line, and dance. During her free time Erica enjoys making slime. (Mrs. Hernandez)

Kayla Limon is a fifth grade student in Ms. R. Diaz’s homeroom. She was born on December 15. She is the oldest child in her family and loves spending time with her cousins. Kayla loves to play volleyball and kickball with her family. She works hard in school to get good grades. Kayla’s favorite subject in school is science. She is very active in the fine arts program at Fred Booth. Kayla is in choir, drum line and dance. (Mrs. Diaz)

Bryan Mata is a hard-working student in Ms. Arcaute’s 5th grade class this year.  He is eleven years old, and will be celebrating his 12th birthday on May 11th.  Bryan’s family consist of his parents and three brothers. In his free time, he enjoys drawing pictures and playing football. His top two favorite subjects are Science and Reading. (Mrs. Arcaute)