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Mode of dress for 2017-2018

Fred Booth Elementary 2017-2018 Mode of dress Shirts: Polo
Color: Hunter Green, Gold, Black, Purple, or Grey
Logo: Bobcat

On Fridays, students may wear a Greyhound spirit T-shirt, a Fred Booth T-shirt, or a College shirt.

Plain Shorts/Pants:
Color: Khaki or blue jean
No leggings, no Sagging or baggy pants/shorts
No designs or markings on pants/shorts
Besides shorts/pants, girls may wear skorts, capris, cargo, or jumper dress.

Shoes: No open toe shoes are allowed. Shoes must be properly fastened. Only tennis shoes allowed. Dressy shoes would be allowed on special occasions designated by the principal.

Jackets: Must be of proper length and be able to unzip or unbutton all the way.

Hair: Neatly groomed and not distracting. No extreme fads allowed. Boys’ hair length must be above the shoulders. No coloring or highlights allowed.